DIY Palm Printed Outdoor Pillow

Lately I’ve been trying to move my living room outside to my balcony as much as possible. With the weather being absolutely stunning in Houston this Spring, I’ve been totally inspired to make my outdoor space as inviting as possible so that I’m enticed to spend more time out there. Color and comfort have been my two main focuses, and these new DIY palm printed outdoor pillows are absolutely perfect to capture both of those goals! Continue reading “DIY Palm Printed Outdoor Pillow”


Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial

Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress by Bunny Baubles 6

Cocktail dresses hold a special place in a closet. They are a bit fancy and get photographed a lot since they are typically only worn to special events. They have to be comfortable enough to spend an evening in and hold up to a night of dancing. When I think of cocktail dresses, I think about structured silhouettes, vibrant colors, and special details. Continue reading “Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial”

DIY Chiffon Maxi Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial

I’m going to go ahead and say that the alternative title to this blog post, or the nickname if you will, is the Belle skirt. Growing up I would shriek at my mom to put on “Beauty Beast” pretty much any time I found myself in front of the television. The songs, the story, and that yellow dress were all I really needed in life. Continue reading “DIY Chiffon Maxi Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial”

Fold Over Off the Shoulder Velvet Dress Sewing Tutorial


When it comes to Valentines Day, Kyle and I usually don’t do anything too crazy. We like to make dinner at home and avoid the crowds, and sometimes he indulges me and lets me pick a high quality chick flick. We do, however, love to go out to the symphony in the winter months, and for those occasions, I like to bring out something a little more special! Continue reading “Fold Over Off the Shoulder Velvet Dress Sewing Tutorial”

It’s Sew Easy: How to Add Pockets to a Dress Sewing Tutorial

How to add pockets to a dress sewing pattern DIY

“Pockets make everything better”, said everyone every day everywhere. Have you ever been on the fence about buying a dress, but then the moment you find out it has pockets are 100% committed to buying it? I’m guilty. Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: How to Add Pockets to a Dress Sewing Tutorial”

It’s Sew Easy: 10 Essential Sewing Tools

Essential Sewing Supplies with Bunny Baubles Blog 1

This week’s It’s Sew Easy is a little different from previous posts because we’re not going to be doing any sewing. As an experienced seamstress,ย I thought it would be helpful to you all if I shared the tools I use on a daily basis for my projects. Obviously, some peopleย may have other necessary tools in their boxes, but these are the ones that I have found to be the most useful and all that I useย in my tutorials. Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: 10 Essential Sewing Tools”