The Best of Bunny Baubles April 2017

Oh April, a month filled with gorgeous weather and tons of celebrating. It’s a miracle I got anything done, but the changing seasons are always so inspiring to me. I actually had four days off over Easter where almost no one was around, and I proceeded to get a lot of crafting done while binge watching the Great British Baking Show. Is anyone not obsessed with that show? Because it’s 100% better than all of the American ones.

Things were very exciting around here as Megan and Ben’s engagement party came and went. We are feeling a little amazed and sad that it is already over… sort of feels like a precursor for how the wedding will end up feeling. Lots of planning, a crazy (but very fun day), and then it was over.

What can you expect from next month? A SUPER adorable summer dress. I really can’t express how much I love it. More recipes, because somehow this month I only published one (who am I???). More pillows, because I have an obsession.

Some of my favorite posts from April were the blue cocktail dress and the DIY candles. They have both been in the works for a while, so it was really exciting to share them with y’all. Which were your favorites?

What We Wore

Strapless Neoprene Cocktail Dress

What We Ate

Quick and Easy Maple Granola

How We Decorated

DIY All Natural Candles || Easter Table || Pom Pom Trimmed Pillow

How We Celebrated

How to Throw an Engagement Party on a Budget

Where We Traveled

New Orleans Travel Guide


Pina Colada Coconut and Pineapple French Toast

You know when the weekend comes and you’re just ready for a vacation? Or maybe the weekend comes and you’re just ready to stay home? Why not do both? Host yourself a little tropical stay-cation with a super easy pina colada inspired french toast bake!

Continue reading “Pina Colada Coconut and Pineapple French Toast”

Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial

Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress by Bunny Baubles 6

Cocktail dresses hold a special place in a closet. They are a bit fancy and get photographed a lot since they are typically only worn to special events. They have to be comfortable enough to spend an evening in and hold up to a night of dancing. When I think of cocktail dresses, I think about structured silhouettes, vibrant colors, and special details. Continue reading “Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial”

Quick Stovetop Maple and Brown Sugar Granola

Friday has really become my favorite day of the week. Not all Fridays, just every other. Every other week I get one Friday off and all week I start a to do list of things that’s longer than anyone could possibly achieve just for that day. Wake up at a decent hour, work out, bake cupcakes for a blog post, make decorations for a friend’s engagement party, finish sewing a dress, photograph it, and get an oil change. Reasonable. Continue reading “Quick Stovetop Maple and Brown Sugar Granola”

New Orleans Travel Guide

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire week in New Orleans with my parents and little sister for spring break. It was possibly one of the most inspiring trips I have ever taken. Though it is only a one hour flight away from Houston, it’s such a different city with distinct culture, food, architecture, history, and vibes. We honestly felt like we weren’t in the United States anymore! Continue reading “New Orleans Travel Guide”