Chocolate Wedding Cake with Strawberry Filling

This past weekend one of my baking buddies (and overall good friend) got married to his best friend, Levi. They’re the type of people who are honestly friends with everyone, so the wedding was a huge assortment of friends and family from all over the country. It was casual, yet so personal, and Christian was sweet enough to ask me to bake their rehearsal dinner cake.

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Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide

When a person talks about paradise, it’s hard not to immediately think of Hawaii. The consistent weather, the laid-back island vibe, the proximity of beaches and hikes to everything else – it’s really perfection! I just got back from a nine day trip with a few good friends and we could not have had a better time. This was one of the first long trips I had ever taken that I was in charge of planning, so I did a TON of research. Let me tell you, this seriously paid off! Continue reading “Oahu Hawaii Travel Guide”

The Best of Bunny Baubles June 2017

In case you missed my 100 posts on Instagram about my trip to Hawaii, I would like to update you that this post is coming to you in full summer mode from the islands! And if you did see them all, I hope you’re loving them as much as I am. And if you hate them, I think it just means you need one of these.

I have been in Oahu for a week now, and I honestly can’t wait to share a full blog post with travel stories with you guys. It has been gorgeous and relaxing, but at the same time, adventurous and exciting. It’s my first time planning such an elaborate trip on my own, and I have to say it was the perfect balance of scheduled activities and quiet afternoons of spontaneous rest. Don’t remind me that I have to come home tomorrow…

This past June was a whirlwind of travel, covering four different states in one month. I went up to Illinois to help celebrate my brother’s engagement at an adorable garden themed party. It was so great getting time with family, even if it was a quick weekend at home (and for only a $92 flight!). I also visited Las Vegas with Kyle and our parents, but we also took a trip up to Utah while we were there to see Zion National Park – what a beautiful place! Hot. But also beautiful. And then finally Hawaii. The one free weekend in June, Megan’s mom and sister came to visit us and we spent the weekend shopping for wedding dresses – she finally picked one out!

Coming up in July, I am expecting to possibly have a week or two with only one post. I felt like a vacation from everything would be a good mental break, plus I have spent all this time away from home, plus I will be looking for a new apartment, plus I have friends coming into town. Rough life, I know ;)… The few things I want to tackle this month are:

  • A chocolate on chocolate layer cake with strawberry filling. This feels a bit out of season to me, but it is for a friend’s rehearsal dinner, and I can’t deny someone a rich, chocolate cake!
  • An Oahu, Hawaii travel guide. Nine days on a little island makes me an expert at this point I would think.
  • Maybe some more sewing? Maybe some watercolor art? I’ve been looking for the time to just work on something creative that might not be so much of a DIY and more just art. Only time will tell!

Some of my favorite posts from June were the off the shoulder striped dress *heart eyes* and the super easy sparkling pina coladas. Which ones were your favorites?

What We Wore

Off the Shoulder Striped Dress with Ruffle Hem

Peplum Top Using a Tank Top as a Pattern

What We Ate/Drank

Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Sparkling Pina Coladas



How We Decorated

DIY Garden Themed Engagement Party

How to Create a Room Layout in PowerPoint

How We Traveled

Hawaii Packing List and How to Pack Light



Watermelon Rosé Snow Cones

Nothing says the Fourth of July like a hot day in the sun with a big ‘ole slice of watermelon. It’s one of those fruits that single people don’t really buy unnecessarily because it’s an awful lot of fruit to eat alone. Thus, it has gone in to my unofficial list of “party foods”, or things that somehow seem too outlandish and decadent to buy without an event in mind. Prosciutto, more than one block of cheese, smoked salmon, and any of the flowers that don’t come in the $4 bucket… But don’t you worry, the Fourth of July is here and it’s time to buy all of the things. It’s time for a party, and it’s time for watermelon rosé snow cones! Continue reading “Watermelon Rosé Snow Cones”

Peplum Tank Sewing Tutorial Using a Shirt as a Pattern

Have you ever wondered how I make so many clothing items from scratch without a pattern? Well, sometimes I don’t! Though I don’t buy traditional patterns, I do use clothing I already own to create patterns for new clothing items. Continue reading “Peplum Tank Sewing Tutorial Using a Shirt as a Pattern”

How to Pack for a Week in Hawaii in a Carry On

Neutral Backpack || Silk Sleep Mask || Hard-side Carry On Bag || Turkish Towel || Double Strap Sandals || Palm Print Swimsuit || Kashi Granola Bars || Crazy Rich Asians Book || Pink Suede Hat

Today’s post is a little different, but because I am leaving for Oahu, Hawaii on Thursday and consider myself something of a minimalist packing expert, I thought I would share some of the things I plan to bring on my trip! I made a packing list weeks in advance to make sure I didn’t forget anything, plus I found a ton of cute essential items for the trip that I had to share with you all. Packing for a week long (or more) trip in just a carry on can be tricky, but if you plan ahead and do some research it can definitely be done!

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Easy DIY Belted Off the Shoulder Dress with Ruffle Hem

Ah summertime. All I want to wear is blue and white and pastels and whatever fabric I can get my hands on that is as thin as possible without being see through. Oh, and off the shoulder everything. I will never get tired of making off the shoulder dresses for three separate reasons:

  1. They are so so so cute. I love the flirty fit and they are really comfortable without being too casual.
  2. They are also so so so easy to make. In the way that I create them with two separate sleeves that attach to a bodice, there is pretty much nothing to the fit. In other words, it will always fit the first time around which is a huge win in saving you from seam ripping for hours.
  3. I love how the sleeves never creep up your shoulders using the pattern I use. Because the sleeves are separately attached below your arm pits, they will never end up annoyingly on top of your shoulders.

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