How to Host a Casual Bachelorette Party Weekend

Bachelorette Party by Bunny Baubles 2

Over the weekend, I hosted Megan’s bachelorette party with all of her incredibly sweet friends, and we had the BEST time! These days, weddings and the associated parties can get so out of hand and outrageous, and it was important to her that we keep things casual. In order to do that, it was very DIY and required some planning, but it turned out to be such a great time where we focused on spending time together and showering the bride-to-be.

(Yes, I did theme every itinerary item with Bridesmaids quotes…)

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Quick and Easy Creamy Tomato Soup

Well, as it so happens, folks, we’ve had two days of snow in Houston in one Winter season. It’s true insanity after living here for eight years and only seeing snow one other time, but I’ll take a day working at home and the best soup weather there ever was! And really, truly, there’s nothing I like better than a big bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

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How to Pack for a Week in the UK Winter in a Carry On

As promised, I’m sharing some of my travel tidbits from my trip to the United Kingdom, or the UK for short, over the holidays! A group of friends and I jetted over to Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve, better known as Hogmanay, and then took the train down to London for five days. This leads into today’s blog post: 8 days, one carry on, one personal item, and a whole lot of cold weather – can it be done? Continue reading “How to Pack for a Week in the UK Winter in a Carry On”

Beaded Dress with Fitted Bodice and Cap Sleeves Sewing Tutorial

Happy New Year, everyone! I am back from vacation in the UK visiting Scotland and England and am SO READY to share this dress tutorial with you! A fitted bodice, simple gathered skirt, and caps sleeves were the basis for this beauty, but the true magic comes from the beaded and embroidered fabric. I finished it weeks ago, but the post is just now ready… life, ya know? Continue reading “Beaded Dress with Fitted Bodice and Cap Sleeves Sewing Tutorial”

Banana Mini Muffins with Streusel Topping

Wow, has this been the craziest December, or is it just me? Usually the end of the year at work is quiet and painfully slow, but this year I’ve been going non-stop. I’ve also been working on a sewing project that I’m hoping to share with you all as soon as possible… as it turns out, beaded fabric is sort of the worst to work with. Gorgeous, but my little fingers are sick of picking rhinestones off of mesh if you know what I mean. Continue reading “Banana Mini Muffins with Streusel Topping”

DIY Lace Trimmed Satin Slip Dress Sewing Tutorial

It’s that time of year again! (The most wonderful time of the year, some might add.) Christmas trees are going up, every candle in the house is lit, and sweaters and leggings have become the unofficial uniform of the season. It’s also time for holiday parties, and that means holiday dresses.

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The Best of Bunny Baubles November 2017


It’s already December, how did that even happen? Even though it’s Christmas and I have decorated my apartment, drank hot chocolate, purchased presents, and listened to the tunes, I have my mind in 100 other places!

First up is a trip I am taking with a group of friends right after Christmas with my family! I am going to keep it a surprise from y’all until a little closer to the trip, but we are so excited to celebrate the new year abroad and enjoy some chilly weather!

The second thing I have been working on is planning Megan’s bachelorette party! OMG we have so many fun activities planned. In true party planner fashion, I have too many ideas and am trying to decide on how much decor is too much decor (never enough, I know, I agree). The schedule is set, so at least I have that under my belt.

I’ve also been so busy at work – all exciting things and possibly some new avenues to tackle. It’s been a very empowering month and it has me all sorts of motivated!

Because of these major things, I am hoping to still get some Christmas themed posts up for y’all, but it might be lighter than last year. I am still loving this white and pink wreath I made, and really want to recreate these Santa whoopie pies with a new theme this year…

Last month I enjoyed a very relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family where we spent 2 days cooking and the rest recovering. It was perfect. I also completed THREE sewing projects (one to come next week!). I don’t know what it is, but I am piling on the sewing projects in full force lately, and it seems like you’re all on board from the love I am getting on Instagram (THANK YOU!).

Check out the posts from last month, which was your favorite?

What We Wore

Khaki Wrap Coat

Velvet Leggings

What We Ate

Single Serve Caramel Apple Crisp

How We Decorated

Modern Glam Apartment

No Fail Gallery Wall

How We Celebrated

My Thanksgiving Table Decor

My DIY Thanksgiving Table

Each year for Thanksgiving, I alternate back and forth between going home to visit my family in Chicago and staying in Houston and hosting a Friendsgiving. This year, Kyle’s family is coming to town and we are hosting at his house! We spent the entire weekend menu planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning in anticipation, so I was happy I had figured out my plans for decorating a few weeks before!

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