Halloween Mummy Pizzas

What is it about Halloween that is just so fun? Maybe we all like to be a little creeped out once in a while. I know I am the queen of listening to mystery podcasts, so I definitely fall into that boat. It might also be that sense of nostalgia from our childhood of dressing up and eating as much sugar as we wanted for one night. I seem to continue doing that into my adulthood too…

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Recipe Update: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

As we transition [slowly] from Summer to Fall here in Houston, I have found myself revisiting old recipes. The season change is never really fulfilled by the weather, so it always leads me to start changing the flavors I bake with to make it feel like Fall. Obviously, I’m talking about pumpkin spice.

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DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

Whenever the seasons change from Summer to Fall, I always feel like I need to do some redecorating. I always have tons of flowers and bright colors on display during the Summer, but I like to bring in some cozy vibes and more muted tones for the Fall. In order to do this easily and on the cheap, I turned  to this boho yarn wall hanging project.

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The Best of Bunny Baubles September 2017

At this very moment I’m cozy on my couch with pumpkin spice candles lit and a full list of pumpkin flavored items that I want to bake… it must be October! I seriously love the Fall, even if my definition of the Fall doesn’t exist here in Houston. On the last weekend of September we took a trip to Charlotte for a wedding, and the weather was in the 60’s – pure heaven for me!

Nonetheless, I have so much planned for October. I am finally not traveling anywhere all month and have so many finished projects that I’ve just been waiting to share and haven’t had time to write up. More home decor is in order, some of which is just perfect for the changing seasons. I also have some recipes in mind, a couple of sewing projects, and let’s not forget Halloween! I’m having my girl friends over to paint mini pumpkins and stuff our faces with candy corn, plus I still need to come up with a costume!

In September I didn’t post much, but I really had a lovely month. Two weddings and a birthday celebration. 27 felt so old to say, but I don’t really feel that old. The more years that go by, the more I realize adults are just older children, so I can’t go crazy thinking into it too much. My close friends came over for a Greek picnic that was Pinterest worthy until a swarm of cockroaches appeared when the sun went down… let’s just say it was the funniest/most horrifying thing I’ve possibly ever witnessed in person.

What are you being for Halloween? More importantly, what are the best pumpkin spice recipes out there? Yes, be as #basic as you can be and please share!

What We Ate

Mini Cheesecake Topped Lemon Bites

How We Decorated

My Bachelorette Pad

Minimalist Fall Wreath

Swing Dress with Bow Ties Sewing Tutorial

Rolling in to September, I always feel a little tricked. Back in Chicago, September was the time of year when the leaves started to change colors and a chill appeared in the air. We would bring out our sweaters and gloves to sit on the football field at high school games, and even evaluate coats for the upcoming snowy winter. Houston is a different story.

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Easy Mini Lemon Tarts with Cheesecake Topping

If you’ve been reading along with me for a while now, you know I can’t help but bake a lemon dessert every couple of months. Lemon blueberry cake, lemon chia seed muffins, lemon sugar cookies, lemon zucchini bread, etc. etc. etc. But my absolute favorite dessert is a good lemon bar: sweet, tart, bright, and perfectly balanced. Continue reading “Easy Mini Lemon Tarts with Cheesecake Topping”

My Modern Bachelorette Pad Reveal

I’VE MOVED! OK, this is old news. I moved about a month ago, but it’s still surreal walking into my apartment every evening, seeing the space and realizing it’s just mine. I still expect Megan to walk through the door at any moment (let’s be honest, not to worry, she still does). Even though my mom did a stellar job at forcing me to organize and decorate A.S.A.P.- literally within the first 48 hours of living there – there are still spaces I want to decorate and add to, but I figured I should show you before I start to introduce any new DIY’s! Continue reading “My Modern Bachelorette Pad Reveal”

The Best of Bunny Baubles August 2017

Where do you begin with a month like this one? From the exciting moments that I anticipated, to the disasters that no one could have foreseen, I’m coming out of the month just simply exhausted.

This August, Houston saw the worst flooding, and possibly the worst hurricane it has ever endured. Though there wasn’t a lot of wind, we saw over 50″ of rain that caused devastating flooding throughout the city. Though I was blessed enough to have no loss, it was one of the most emotional times I’ve had in a long while. It was almost unbearable to watch the news seeing people lose everything, or even hold back tears seeing people coming out to save their neighbors. There was a lot of pain, but also a lot of love. At a time where this country is being threatened all around, as well as within, it was a light to see people being so kind. It was inspiring and overwhelming. If you’re looking for ways to help, I wrote about it here.

Before things went awry, I really did have a wonderful start to the month. I went on an amazing trip with my girlfriends to Austin where we laughed, relaxed, and had an honestly stress free and wonderful time. We stayed in this stunning AirBnB… someone buy it for me, please?

I also moved! I’m feeling totally settled into my little one bedroom, and I truly love it. Once I moved in, everything I owned felt like new again, so I didn’t end up buying as much new decor as I had planned, but I feel some home decor projects coming – don’t you worry! I promise I will be sharing it in it’s entirety this month. I had planned to show you some photos, but I felt that it might be insensitive to do so in the wake of such a disaster where many people’s homes had flooded.

In September I will be celebrating my 27th birthday. EEEK. That seems rather old and terrifying, so I’m sort of avoiding it and will probably celebrate in a less themed way than usual. May let a restaurant do all of the work (I told you I was tired). As I had suggested in my last recap post, I want to focus on getting better at certain skills, so I am going to work on drafting a sloper which can be used to create a fitted bodice for a dress or shirt that is the perfect size for your body. I’ll be sure to share my trials over on Instagram stories!

I don’t have much planned for the month, but I’m planning to share with you my new apartment, some home decor DIY’s (Fall themed!), and at least one sewing project!

Check out the posts below from August, which was your favorite?

What We Ate

Chocolate Frosting Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Candy Vanilla Layer Cake for 2

Cream Cheese Swirl Banana Bread with Crunchy Topping


How We Decorated

Pom Pom Trimmed Sheer Curtains

How We Helped

People from all over Texas and Louisiana saving people from the floods. PC: Business Insider, http://www.businessinsider.com/hurricane-harvey-texas-photos-shocking-scale

How to Volunteer and Donate After Hurricane Harvey