London Travel Guide


As you may have seen plastered all over my Instagram a week or two ago, I went on a fabulous 1.5 week trip to London! We saw so many incredible sights, ate at amazing restaurants (thank you friends for the suggestions), and took some really lovely day trips. If you are looking to plan a trip, check out my tips for travel, packing, food, sights, and day trips! Continue reading “London Travel Guide”


Heading to England!


If you read my Bunny Baubles Turns 3 post in it’s entirety (if you did, congrats, that was a novel of a post) you may have seen my note that I’m headed to England tomorrow!! Kyle and his family were nice enough to invite me along, and I couldn’t be more excited. I plan to share some of my travel adventures with you over on my Instagram, so make sure to follow along!

The things we have scheduled include:

  • A classic afternoon tea at The Orangery at Kensington Palace
  • A Liverpool v. Manchester City soccer, or football, game in Liverpool on new year’s eve
  • A tour of Stonehenge and Bath
  • An airbnb sort of setup in a gorgeous London apartment for the majority of our stay

Things that we want to see include:

  • The National Gallery
  • Th British Museum
  • Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abby, + all other classic London sites (get ready for a photo of me in a phone booth!)
  • Winchester Castle
  • The Beatles Museum in Liverpool

Things we want to do:

  • Drink mulled wine at a Christmas market and a beer in a pub
  • Go ice skating in Hyde Park
  • Have fish and chips and all of the Indian food
  • Visit Notting Hill (so many pretty homes!)
  • Maybe a day trip to Paris… might save this since it would be really great to go for an extended period of time some day

Is there anything we are missing? I have been working on getting recommendations from friends on how to get around the city, must see sites, and restaurants, but I would love to hear your tips!

Outfit Details: DIY Flannel Blanket Scarf || Old Sweater (similar sweater)- Gap || Tote – Longchamp || Sunglasses (similar cat eye sunglasses)- Miu Miu

How to Style Your DIY Wardrobe on Vacation!

I recently went on an amazing spring break trip to Arizona with my family. We somehow seemed to cover so much ground while still getting in some quality relaxing time. The highlights included visiting Taliesin, a Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio, barbecuing with family, traveling to Sedona to see the gorgeous scenery, hiking at the Grand Canyon, attending a Cubs training game, and just relaxing by the pool with my family!

But I digress, this is a packing post.

You may wonder how many of the pieces I make on my blog I actually wear frequently. The answer is, most of them all the time! Since I am making my own clothing, I am able to make it exactly the way I want it and to fit comfortably. This makes my homemade DIY pieces some of my favorite ones! Not to mention, it takes quite a bit of time to make each piece, so I have a deep sense of requirement to wear them every once in a while.

I packed quite a few of my DIY pieces for my trip to Arizona, so I thought I would share them with you and how I styled them to work with my travels.

Packing for Spring Break - DIY Addition 1

I sported this DIY off-the-shoulder seersucker dress to the Cubs game with my red Longchamp bag since it was the perfect pairing of red and blue to root on my hometown team! The bag was perfect for carrying my camera and other items, while the dress and the Lucky Brand hat (similar) provided a breezy cover from the sun. The sandals are by Steve Madden (similar).

Packing for Spring Break - DIY Addition 3

For casual strolls around the resort I styled my DIY  seersucker peplum top with American Eagle jean shorts (similar) and comfy Birkenstock sandals. I also brought along my trusty Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar) with DIY tassel charm for a bit of fun, and to carry my wallet so I could pick up souvenirs along the way!

Scallopped Kimono Cover Up by Bunny Baubles Blog 2

When lounging by the pool, I always brought along my new DIY scalloped kimono cover up to keep me warm in the morning breeze over my Victoria’s Secret suit.

Packing for Spring Break - DIY Addition 2

The most versatile piece I brought with me was this DIY black maxi skirt that was great in the cool mornings when we would go get coffee on the patio. Paired with my striped Gap sweater (similar), this also made a great travel outfit for sleeping on the plane. The sunglasses are from Nordstrom.

Luau Loving and Final Maui Adventures

Luau Loving by Bunny Baubles Blog 25

Three weeks after my trip, I’m finally getting my last and final blog post up about Hawaii. Though it is the last, it includes possibly one of my favorite nights of the trip! Mid week we got a decent amount of rain, so shopping and reading on the porch filled much of our time. We also tried to drive up to the top of Haleakala to see the volcano, but once we got there it was cold. Like 30s and raining… I wore shorts. We took a look at the gorgeous sights, snapped a photo or two, and hopped back into the car. Continue reading “Luau Loving and Final Maui Adventures”

Woweee Maui! A Trip to Hawaii – Part 1


Maui Hawaii Vacation Part 1 by Bunny Baubles Blog 1

I’ve been dying to share my trip to Hawaii with you all, but my mind has been on vacation mode trying to find the motivation to get started on this post. Coming back to work after a relaxing week off really put a damper on time to get to writing about my exciting adventures in tropical paradise! Continue reading “Woweee Maui! A Trip to Hawaii – Part 1”

New York City: A Dessert Tour

I recently took my first trip ever to NYC to visit a dear friend of mine. When people told me I would “fall in love with the city”, I just really didn’t understand. Growing up in Chicago and currently living in Houston, I figured it couldn’t be much different from other American cities. My immense TV and movie knowledge informed me there would be more intense people, more famous sites, and more crazy taxi drivers than most cities, but I just wasn’t convinced of it’s glory…

Until I flew right over Manhattan sitting next to this little gem…

Puppies on a Plane

and then I got really excited. In the first few hours of arriving I had seen about half of the most famous sites of New York I could have only dreamt of seeing, while staying up until 2 am (early by New Yorker standards). The craziest part was that at 2 am on a Thursday night the city was packed with people… What was this nonsense!?

The energy and the swagger NYC has is incomparable with any place I’ve ever been. The fashion, the attitude, and the aura of the city entranced me. I truly did fall in love with NY, and I can prove it to you with my collection of glamorous shots of me eating dessert all day every day I was there… Legitimately every day at least twice a day…

You’ve seen the famous sites, you’ve eaten the ever famous pizza (I’m drooling just thinking about it), but have you participated in the dessert tour I did? If you’re looking for somewhere for a sweet bite, here are my personal favorite picks from my trip!


1. The Spot

This Asian inspired dessert “spot” is truly one of a kind. The menu is set up like a tapas bar with around 10-15 different options for $7 a pop. They’re most famous for their green tea lava cake. Obviously I was sold at the words “lava cake”. The chocolate mound is hot chocolate cake that comes filled with a green tea and chocolate lava that pours out all over your plate. This is perfectly complemented by a fresh green tea ice cream. I would have never thought to put the two together, but it was godly. Below you see my “OMG are you kidding me this is so good” face. Attractive to say the least. We also tried the Thai tea creme brûlée. Creme brûlée is by far my fave dessert, and this one with the Thai tea was really unique and fun! I would definitely recommend it.

 Green Tea Lava Cake at Spot

First taste Green Tea Lava Cake at Spot

2. Molly’s Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes New York

The people of NY know of Magnolia, one of the most famous cupcakes joints in town, but after trying it and then indulging at Molly’s, I can’t really back up the hype. Molly’s cupcakes is the cutest place of all time, with waitresses sporting fifties style hair do’s and the oldies playing in the air, it was just adorable. These awesome swing chairs at the coffee bar didn’t hurt the ambiance either.

Molly's Cupcakes swings

The real reason we came in though was for the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Hands down. And I know a thing or two about cupcakes… About eating them at least! I sprang for the peanut butter Nutella… Duh. David grabbed a creme brûlée one with berries on top (noticing a pattern here?), and we shared the two of them. The cupcakes were seriously devoted to their flavors, packing an amazing amount of peanut butter flavor into the one cake, while there was a delightful brûléed crunch on the other! I was in my own little heaven when I also noticed that they had various free sprinkles set out to decorate your cake with next to all of the coffee fixins… Could this place be any better?

Molly's Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes - peanut butter nutella

3. Lauduree

Lauduree Bakery

You’ve possibly heard the name of this famous macaroon joint since it originated in Paris. As Lauduree is located on the Upper East side, I did my best to fit in with the glamour that only a rich 16 year old could portray (Seriously, who owns a white leather jacket and a Prada bag at that age?). It was like being transported to France as soon as we hit the doors. Everything was written in French, which I personally loved having taken a bit of French in school, and the people working there were obviously filtered through to attain an elegant but adorable at the same time kind of feel. Words cannot describe how fancy this place is. So here, take a look. And yes, that is a gold leafed macaron.

Lauduree Bakery Inside

Lauduree Desserts

David and I decided that pistachio, raspberry, and salted carmel would satisfy our sweet tooth. It’s not a cheap experience, especially if you grab a fancy gift box, but if you really want to feel treated to something special this will definitely make you feel like a princess.

4. Levain

Levain Bakery This tiny little bakery is hidden on the Upper West side just a couple blocks from Central Park. With room for about 5 people inside, there tends to be a line out the door. Once you enter the doors your nose fills with the scent of chocolate and fresh bread. The options are limited, but it really doesn’t matter because you need to come for the cookies. They are unlike any cookie I’ve ever eaten. The monster sized beauties come in three flavors, so naturally we got one of each. Chocolate chip and walnut, double chocolate chip, and chocolate with peanut butter. The cookies are incredibly dense with a crisp outside and a gooey inside. David and I took ours to the park and went to town! This chocolate brioche followed by cookies was breakfast… I had no complaints.

Levain in Central Park

Ahh New York, I loved you so much and cannot wait to go back! Just for good measure, here are a few famous sites… You can’t really see enough of them. If you ever make it there, make sure you don’t forget dessert!

The New York Public Library
The New York Public Library
Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
The Metropolitan Museum
The Metropolitan Museum
Central Park
Central Park
Manhattan at Sunset
Manhattan at Sunset
I spy the Empire State
I spy the Empire State