DIY Lace Trimmed Satin Slip Dress Sewing Tutorial

It’s that time of year again! (The most wonderful time of the year, some might add.) Christmas trees are going up, every candle in the house is lit, and sweaters and leggings have become the unofficial uniform of the season. It’s also time for holiday parties, and that means holiday dresses.

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The Best of Bunny Baubles November 2017


It’s already December, how did that even happen? Even though it’s Christmas and I have decorated my apartment, drank hot chocolate, purchased presents, and listened to the tunes, I have my mind in 100 other places!

First up is a trip I am taking with a group of friends right after Christmas with my family! I am going to keep it a surprise from y’all until a little closer to the trip, but we are so excited to celebrate the new year abroad and enjoy some chilly weather!

The second thing I have been working on is planning Megan’s bachelorette party! OMG we have so many fun activities planned. In true party planner fashion, I have too many ideas and am trying to decide on how much decor is too much decor (never enough, I know, I agree). The schedule is set, so at least I have that under my belt.

I’ve also been so busy at work – all exciting things and possibly some new avenues to tackle. It’s been a very empowering month and it has me all sorts of motivated!

Because of these major things, I am hoping to still get some Christmas themed posts up for y’all, but it might be lighter than last year. I am still loving this white and pink wreath I made, and really want to recreate these Santa whoopie pies with a new theme this year…

Last month I enjoyed a very relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family where we spent 2 days cooking and the rest recovering. It was perfect. I also completed THREE sewing projects (one to come next week!). I don’t know what it is, but I am piling on the sewing projects in full force lately, and it seems like you’re all on board from the love I am getting on Instagram (THANK YOU!).

Check out the posts from last month, which was your favorite?

What We Wore

Khaki Wrap Coat

Velvet Leggings

What We Ate

Single Serve Caramel Apple Crisp

How We Decorated

Modern Glam Apartment

No Fail Gallery Wall

How We Celebrated

My Thanksgiving Table Decor

DIY Velvet Leggings

When it comes to the holidays, the uniform involves jeans, black leggings, and all of the warmest sweaters I own. This is fine for movie watching and cooking baking, but when I want to dress up a little and also not freeze my bum off, there aren’t really that many great options. I wanted to make something a little more fun and festive to bring home with me to Chicago, so I dug up some leftover stretch velvet I had from a project last Winter and got to drafting a pattern!

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My DIY Thanksgiving Table

Each year for Thanksgiving, I alternate back and forth between going home to visit my family in Chicago and staying in Houston and hosting a Friendsgiving. This year, Kyle’s family is coming to town and we are hosting at his house! We spent the entire weekend menu planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning in anticipation, so I was happy I had figured out my plans for decorating a few weeks before!

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A Modern Glam Apartment on a Budget

Once in a while you have the optimal situation where you get to start from scratch on your home decor. In this case, my friend Adriana was moving from her temporary spot at her parent’s house to her first solo apartment and had little to no furniture, and she graciously turned to me to help her plan the space! Shopping for a space that I am bound to spend time in that I also don’t have to pay for: living the dream.

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Single Serve Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Fall arrives and there is a limited time to bake as many desserts as humanly possible. The spiced flavors mixed with seasonal fruits and squashes make for the best treats. After making three pumpkin desserts in a row, I had realized that I had completely left the apple treats to fall by the wayside! Continue reading “Single Serve Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe”

How to Make a Gallery Wall in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all seen a gallery wall, but have you hung one before? Getting all of the nails perfectly placed so that your pictures aren’t askew can be such a hassle. What if the pictures don’t actually fit the way you wanted them to? How do you cover up all of the unwanted holes once you move the pictures? Not to worry, I’ve come up with the simplest way to plan and hang your pictures the first time around!

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The Best of Bunny Baubles October 2017

Can I safely say that it’s the most wonderful time of the year? I know it’s usually reserved for Christmas, but I like to think that it starts when the air cools down, and all I can think about is elaborate meal planning and candles and the overall sense of being “cozy”.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I’m prepping for Thanksgiving with almost an entire week off and hosting the big meal with Kyle as his family comes into town. Bon Appetit November proved to be very inspiring, and I can’t wait to try yet another stuffing recipe. Why don’t we make stuffing year round? It’s so good… going to have to think that over.

This month I’m hoping to get some time to experiment with watercolors and be a little more artistic and creative, in home decor and in cooking. I’ve been obsessing over making an apple crumble for probably three weeks, and it is 100% going to happen this month. Another project obsession? Velvet pants. I want to wear them… so I need to make them.

Last month I spent a ton of time working on a coat that I just shared last week and still kind of can’t believe I made. I know it doesn’t make sense to make three coats this year, especially since I live in a place that’s almost always over 80 degrees, but there are so many good patterns out there! I also binged Stranger Things season 1 and am just diving into season 2 – I am obsessed!

My favorite post this month was the pumpkin painting party. I had SO much fun with my girl friends watching Practical Magic and just catching up over crafts. Not to mention the invites were adorable… I just used Basic Invite to make more invitations for my brother’s fiancee’s shower and used the free addressing feature. Honestly amazing and a TOTAL time saver! What was your fave post?

What We Wore

Bow Tie Sleeve Swing Dress

DIY Ninja Turtles Costume

What We Ate

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Mummy Pizzas

How We Decorated

Yarn Wall Hanging

Reversible Baby Play Mat

How We Celebrated

Halloween Pumpkin Painting Party