Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial

Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress by Bunny Baubles 6

Cocktail dresses hold a special place in a closet. They are a bit fancy and get photographed a lot since they are typically only worn to special events. They have to be comfortable enough to spend an evening in and hold up to a night of dancing. When I think of cocktail dresses, I think about structured silhouettes, vibrant colors, and special details. Continue reading “Strapless Scuba Cocktail Dress Sewing Tutorial”


Quick Stovetop Maple and Brown Sugar Granola

Friday has really become my favorite day of the week. Not all Fridays, just every other. Every other week I get one Friday off and all week I start a to do list of things that’s longer than anyone could possibly achieve just for that day. Wake up at a decent hour, work out, bake cupcakes for a blog post, make decorations for a friend’s engagement party, finish sewing a dress, photograph it, and get an oil change. Reasonable. Continue reading “Quick Stovetop Maple and Brown Sugar Granola”

New Orleans Travel Guide

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire week in New Orleans with my parents and little sister for spring break. It was possibly one of the most inspiring trips I have ever taken. Though it is only a one hour flight away from Houston, it’s such a different city with distinct culture, food, architecture, history, and vibes. We honestly felt like we weren’t in the United States anymore! Continue reading “New Orleans Travel Guide”

Easy Scented Natural Candles for Under $6

For as long as I can remember, I have loved candles. Adding a soft glow to your living room on a cold night or creating a sparkling atmosphere out on a patio with candles can really improve the ambiance – especially when they are scented! My favorite scents are the natural smelling ones like herbs, citrus fruits, and light floral aromas. There are so many candles out there in stores, but I can be really picky when it comes to the scents, meaning I have to spend a whole lot more money on them.

Continue reading “Easy Scented Natural Candles for Under $6”

Colorful and Simple Easter Table Decor

As it was probably obvious by the name of my blog, I always get really excited about Easter! My apartment is basically decorated for Easter year round (so much bunny artwork), but If I get an excuse to go all out and add pastel colors then I am 100% going to go for it. Continue reading “Colorful and Simple Easter Table Decor”

The Best of Bunny Baubles March 2017

I’ll be honest with y’all that I let the blog slip a little this past month. One week I only managed to get one post up, and another week my Thursday post became a Friday post. Here are my excuses (which I feel are very legitimate):

  1. MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED! Megan and I have been talking weddings and celebrating all month long. It only happens once so I had to take advantage of every last minute.
  2. A bunch of my friends got into residency programs and are making moving plans which is exciting and depressing all at once – I am so proud of them!
  3. I’ve been working out four time a week for Lent and it turns out that is quite the time consuming task.
  4. I went on vacation to New Orleans with my family for a week  – get ready for a travel guide!
  5. Work was legitimately CRAZY.

Really though, I actually have about 15 projects going on at once right now, and I have just gotten around to photographing them, so get ready for a blog busy April!

Remember those candles I promised last month? They’re coming! Remember the engagement party plans? Also coming! I have two dresses in the works, new home decor posts (Easter and general), and delicious baked goods (no, I have not gotten over my recent muffin obsession).

This last March I also shared with you my food photography tips and tools – it seemed to be a hit! Are there any other posts like that that you would like to see?? Did you miss it? Check out all of the posts from last month below!


What We Wore

Chiffon Maxi Skirt || MISA Tassel Earrings

What We Ate and Drank

Lemon Chia Seed Mini Muffins || Degustabox Opening || Make Your Own Wine

How We Learned

Food Photography Tips and My Tools

Copycat MISA Ombre Tassel Earring DIY

You know when you see something in the stores and you’re like, how in the world can they charge that price for that item? Sometimes it’s really high quality materials. OK. Sometimes it’s handmade and part of the proceeds go to help children go to school in a war torn country. OK. This time, I’m not buying it.

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